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What is Evoke?

Evoke is a revolutionary, hands-free facial remodeling platform. This proprietary non-invasive technology is an industry first, delivering a structural re-organization of the facial and submental tissues. The remodeling of these areas produces results that are associated with a youthful appearance. The ultimate in medical-grade technology that ensures your practice capitalizes on client demand for facial remodeling treatments.

What areas can evoke treat?

The EVOKE non-surgical treatment can rejuvenate the face, neck, chin, cheeks and jowls.

What does the procedure involve?

Evoke deploys proven unique bipolar Radio Frequency (RF) energy to the treatment areas such as the neck and jowls. By directly targeting these areas, Evoke subdermally remodels tissue to deliver a more defined neck and jaw line. RF energy is sequentially delivered to each applicator providing even heat distribution across the treatment area. If the skin temperature reaches a threshold level, RF energy is temporarily suspended to the specific applicator, protecting the skin from burns. Evoke continues to work according to this algorithm throughout the entire procedure. Pre-set treatment parameters allow for controlled 100% energy concentration at critical temperatures. This provides soft tissue remodeling and optimal results. With one platform, physicians can provide a variety of hands-free facial remodeling procedures specifically tailored to patient demands..

What are the benefits of EVOKE?

Youthful appearance without anesthesia, surgical scars and downtime. Its hands-free applicators deliver uniform and volumetric heating to the skin and subdermal layer. Patients can surf the internet, read a book, talk or watch TV while treatments to restore youth are being performed. Maximizes patient results

Is it Painful?

EVOKE is a non-invasive facial remodeling treatment that provides a youthful appearance without any surgical intervention or downtime. During the treatment, you will feel only mild warmth.

Is it possible to see a change during the procedure?

You can notice loss of volume to the treatment area as treatment progresses.

What are the safety features of Evoke?

Built with safety in mind, the safety features of evoke include: Temperature monitoring and automatic, user-programmable, temperature on/off control Built-in, real-time audible indicators sound when the optimal temperature is reached, providing feedback on treatment progress. A Patient Call Button to allow patients to easily pause treatments and have clinic staff make any adjustments required. The hands-free design and programmable technology enable safe reallocation of physician and clinician time to other patients and treatments while Evoke is in use. The treatment screen enables physicians to visually monitor the thermal effect of each applicator at any point during the procedure. Color-blind RF technology ensures it can safely and effectively be used on all skin types.

How it Works

InMode’s facial treatments contour and improve the appearance of the face and neck to more defined facial characteristics and a younger, brighter appearance. During treatment, radiofrequency energy is delivered to remodel skin, fat and tissue, as well as address signs of aging, irregularities and pigmentation. The most in-demand zones include the eye area, forehead, cheeks, mouth (smile lines), jowls and neck. InMode’s facial contouring solutions provide visible, natural results to the face and neck.