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At Under the Palms MediSpa & Rejuvenation Center, Dr. Ioana Carabin and our dedicated team have been devoted to transforming lives for over a decade, consistently pioneering the latest medical-aesthetic procedures in the Florida Keys.

Botox & Jeuveau:

Explore the rejuvenating effects of our Botox and Jeuveau treatments at Under the Palms, where our skilled practitioners precisely administer these neurotoxins to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a natural, refreshed appearance. Both treatments offer a swift and efficient solution for addressing skin imperfections, coupled with various FDA-approved applications. 

Juvéderm, Radiesse, Revenesse, Versa, Voluma, SkinVive:

Each filler in our selection caters to distinct needs, ensuring a personalized approach to your aesthetic goals. Whether you seek volume restoration, wrinkle reduction, or subtle enhancements, our practitioners at Under the Palms utilize these fillers judiciously to achieve your desired, natural-looking results.

– Juvéderm: A versatile hyaluronic acid filler known for smoothing facial wrinkles, enhancing lips, and restoring lost volume for a natural look.

– Radiesse: Composed of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres, lifts sagging skin by stimulating collagen production, providing long-lasting rejuvenation.

– Revenesse: A precision-crafted hyaluronic acid filler, that addresses fine lines with its lightweight consistency, making it ideal for subtle enhancements.

– Versa: Its smooth and uniform formulation effectively targets facial lines, wrinkles, and folds, delivering a natural and refined aesthetic.

– Voluma: A hyaluronic acid filler, specifically adds volume to the mid-face, lifting and contouring the cheeks for a youthful profile.

– SkinVive: A holistic facial rejuvenation solution, combines hyaluronic acid with essential nutrients to hydrate the skin, improve elasticity, and diminish fine lines. 


Discover natural-looking lip enhancement at Under the Palms, where our tailored procedures cater to your unique features. Whether you seek subtle volume or a bold transformation, our focus is on achieving harmonious and balanced lip aesthetics. We address individual preferences, ensuring symmetry and definition enhancing your natural beauty.


– Lip Enhancement/Augmentation focuses on adding volume to achieve fuller lips, subtly enhancing facial features. It is an ideal solution for those seeking a more pronounced lip contour and increased volume. 


– Lip Flip involves a subtle adjustment of the upper lip, creating a lifted appearance without adding volume. This technique is perfect for individuals seeking a natural and refined change, particularly in addressing a downward-turned lip.

Nose (Filler) - Liquid Rhinoplasty:

Discover Liquid Rhinoplasty, our non-surgical method for refining your nasal profile. Our skilled practitioners use precision to sculpt and shape, providing a natural enhancement that complements your facial aesthetics. Understanding the importance of the nose as a central feature, we acknowledge that even minor changes can significantly impact your appearance. 

While traditional rhinoplasty offers long-lasting results, Liquid Rhinoplasty serves as a cost-effective and less invasive alternative, catering to those hesitant about surgery’s cost, downtime, and associated anxieties.

Eyes: Tear Trough, Under the Eye Dark Circle Correction:

Refresh your eyes with our targeted treatments, addressing signs of fatigue and stress. From tear trough correction to under-eye dark circle reduction, our techniques aim to rejuvenate your eyes naturally. The tear trough treatment, using dermal fillers, is a straightforward 30-minute process. With a fine needle, the filler is precisely injected under the eyes, lifting skin, filling hollows, and reducing shadows.